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Welcome to Honolulu Tinting Company, inc.

We have been in business since 1989 and serve the people and companies of Hawaii proudly. Our staff work hard to provide all our customers with leading technology in window protection and film. All of our work is guaranteed and we offer warranties on all installs. Our services cover a wide variety of areas so we’re sure to have just the right thing for you.

Be it for home or your business, Honolulu Tinting is up for the job. Hawaii has a lot of sun and strong weather conditions so choosing to have protective film installed on your home is not only a smart decision, it’s one which can increase the overall comfort of your day to day life. For businesses and commercial contractors, security film is a must have. We are an official dealer Solargard and all of our work is assured to meet any client’s demands. While here visiting our site, feel free to browse our different sections for more details on both our products and services.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you own a business, are remodeling your home or have a new vehicle you want to spruce up, adding tinting is a smart decision. Aside from the aesthetics you will enjoy greatly reduced heat and glare. up to 80%. Any questions you may have may have already been answered on our frequently asked questions page. Hit the button below to have a look.

Commercial Tinting

Honolulu Tinting does much more than just automobile work. We also offer commercial and residential film. The advantages are numerous, from security to simply beating the heat. Browse our galleries to see examples of the skilled craftsmanship we put into every job we do. Contact us with any ideas or requests you may have. We are sure to be able to work with you to get your job done exactly how you want it. Customer service is our biggest priority.

Automotive Tinting

Honolulu Tinting offers top quality guaranteed automotive tinting. With over 20 years experience in the field we are experienced and familiar with all the major models and we pride ourselves on being able to handle any requests for you. Use our contact form to reach out to us and we can get you a quote for your vehicle in no time

Residential Tinting

Honolulu Tinting specializes in residential tinting. We offer standard film application and also custom graphic design to help get you the look you are wanting. As you can see in the gallery below, our work is precise and non intrusive to your home. If you’d like to get in contact with us feel free to use our contact form to reach out and receive a free quote.